December 2011

Happy Holidays from Family Resource Centers!

Dear Parents, Friends and Caregivers:

FRC is pleased to announce updates to our website located at In addition to a new calendar, and a direct link to our Facebook Page, donations to our 2011 Annual Appeal may be made on line! If you didn’t receive our 2011 Annual Appeal letter and wish to make a donation click on our web-site and look for the yellow PayPal button — it’s quick and as easy as A-B-C!

Why support FRC?

Family Resource Centers prides itself on being the only FREE program of its kind to be offered in our region. We have remained free for the past 41 years. Indeed it is a regular occurance to hear from grandparents who remember bringing their (now adult) children, to FRC formerly known as Family Survival. Their comments are always the same, “I loved that program, I don’t know what I would have done without Family Survival at the time!” or “My child is still friends with kids she met at playgroup when she was a toddler!”

Fortunately for all of us today, FRC is still here, a mainstay in the greater Columbia County Community. We had close to 1,000 visits to our 4 playgroups last season! That’s 1000 snacks served, at least 1,000 circle time songs sung and countless cups of coffee!

As is the case for many non-profits, we face numerous fund-raising challenges and have suffered a 10 percent reduction in our State funding with the potential loss of this funding stream altogether in 2012. The year ahead promises to be as challenging as ever for fundraising despite the ambitious fundraising agenda set forth by FRC’s energetic and committed Board of Directors.

Won’t you help us this year by supporting our events or considering a tax deductable donation to our Annual Parent and Friends’ Appeal?

Every bit of support no matter how small, makes very big difference to our bottom line and ALL of the donations we receive are directed to our four playgroups.

Thank you for your commitment to our mission and to Columbia County’s families and children who have counted on us for 41 years.

On behalf of FRC’s Board of Directors and staff we wish you a happy holiday and prosperous New Year!