Our Mission

To strengthen and preserve families raising young children.

What We Do

We think that raising young children is one of the hardest jobs. Our purpose is to to make that job easier. At our Family Resource Centers, mothers, fathers, grandparents and others caring for young children can drop in for companionship, an opportunity to share problems and concerns, attend a parent education workshop, and offer preschool-age children the benefits of our supervised Circle Time playgroup. Each Center has trained childcare staff, snacks for adults and kids, and peer support programs for adults. Our Circle Time playgroups are open to all without charge and our families represent every economic, social and educational level.

Family Resource Centers of Columbia County responds to community needs and provides much needed enrichment programs for parents and children. Our Facebook page, quarterly newsletter and website announce our calendar of activities.

Some of our special programs include:

Our History

Clair Winans raised four sons in Chatham, NY. When she sent the last one to kindergarten, she felt she had just barely survived those 15 years at home raising her young children. Determined to create a special haven for parents and families, Winans started “Project Survival” by inviting families into her kitchen to support and encourage one another. As the program grew, it was known as Family Survival for many years. Now in our fourth decade, we are known as Family Resource Centers of Columbia County and our program serves over 900 parents and children a year in four locations.